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Huntleigh Tele-Fetal Monitors

The Fetal Assist is one of a family of modular products using a common platform Dopplex Assist.

Dopplex Assist the concept: Dopplex Assist is a unique hand-held, battery operated, portable, medical grade, computer incorporating a colour graphic display and touch-panel overlay for entering data. It also includes a wide range of data input/output devices including an industry standard PC card slot to support modem, memory and network cards, signal input/outputs, a smartcard reader and an audio system with integral loudspeaker.

Dopplex Assist provides the platform for a range of applications, defined by a plug-in module which contains application specific sensor / transducer inputs, front-end signal conditioning circuits and application software.

Inserting the CTG module into the Dopplex Assist automatically configures the system as a full specification CTG the Fetal Assist. Other modules in the Dopplex Assist range include the Cordflow Assist spectral Doppler.


Huntleigh BD 4000xs Series

The BD4000xs series of fetal monitors are the latest in the range of obstetric products that have established Huntleigh Healthcare as a leader in its field. The range includes award-winning & innovative maternity care solutions, from handheld Dopplers through to integrated maternity management systems.

The BD4000xs series fetal monitors provide solutions for all areas of fetal monitoring. Using state of the art digital signal processing technology with enhanced FHR performance, the range includes low cost antenatal models, right through to top of the range labour models with a range of options and interface capabilities. This provides the most cost effective and flexible, easy to use, solutions for all your fetal monitoring needs. Its compact size and styling belie its ruggedness and robust design, using the same materials, construction and design expertise as our world-renowned handheld Dopplers.



Biocare Fetal Monitors

Fetal Monitor  FM-801

Fetal Monitor FM-801V


  • Output 5.7" Large LCD display of 320240, folding from 0~ 90
  • Twin FHR and TOCO digitals & curve display
  • Default shortcut key design and easy to operate
  • User self-defined multi-events mark
  • High resolution thermal array printer and installing paper conveniently.
  • 7 wafers impulse ultrasonic transducer with autocorrelation algorithm to retrieve FHR.
  • Fetal heart rate high/low threshold alarm
  • High sensitivity and wide dynamic range TOCO pressure transducer.
  • Fetal movement mark with manual/automatic method
  • Ultrasonic signal intensity indication is convenient for Doppler transducer positioning.
  • Supported by AC/Rechargeable Li-ion battery for continuous monitoring whenever
  • Self-adaptable design for wide range of voltage applying


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