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Valleylab Force FX

Valleylab has a complete line of state-of-the-art electrosurgical generators to meet the needs of the surgical team for hospital, surgery center, and office-based procedures. All current Valleylab generators offer safety and performance features, including isolated output, independent activation of accessories, and the patented Valleylab REM™ contact quality monitoring system, which substantially reduces the risk of burns under the patient return electrode.

Valleylab Force 2 Generator

High performance capabilities in a multipurpose generator Blended cut modes provide flexibility through varying degrees of hemostasis. Choose one of three preset modes. Simultaneous independent coagulation permits two surgeons to fulgurate from a single generator, for added convenience and efficacy.


Force EZ™ Electrosurgical Generator

Instant Response™ technology provides surgeons with improved performance at lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation, and decreasing the need to “turn up the generator.”

Valleylab Force 1C

The Force™ 1C generator has a streamlined, compact design, perfect for the requirements of outpatient surgery, as well as the power and performance features needed for a full range of general inpatient surgical procedures.

SurgiStat™ II Electrosurgical Generator

For general electrosurgery needs in the office, clinic, or emergency room, the Valleylab SurgiStat™ II generator provides exceptional performance, reliability, and safety benefits in a compact, easy to use unit.

Valleylab Force 40

Force 40 Generator microprocessor-controlled, 300 watts monopolar-bipolar. Three coagulation modalities: desiccation mode, fulguration mode (spray coag at 6.0 crest factor), spray coagulation mode(spray coag at 8.5 crest factor)


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